Wk 3 – Artist Activity – Josh Benz


In this week’s galleries, there were more paintings. The paintings came in variations, some more direct than others. In Gatov-west, I felt the paintings more vibrant. The picture to the right makes me think of openness. The variation of colors and the way they were put into the canvas makes me think of expressing one’s feelings. That you’re just expressing yourself by putting everything out there. I feel the emotion behind it and enjoy the painting.

In the Werby gallery, there were more realistic paintings. One with the explosion, that made me think beyond the painting. It gave me the true horror about bombing. Josh’s “drinking party” seemed to be the most realistic. It shows a side of us humans to others.

This week’s artist that I interviewed was Josh Benz. He favorited portraits of him and his girl friend and another of himself. He shared that he has a long process when coming up with new art. He started painting in Community college, the reason why is because he wasn’t a big fan of other subjects so he gave it a try.

Josh likes to include personal pieces into his art. He likes to include things that give the art authencity. In his two paintings at the gallery, Josh included stuffed animals. He chose a shark because he’s a fan of sharks. For this set, he xperimented with oil painting and said was really happy about the results that followed. His setup is important for start. Josh Benz likes limited light source (closes windows or at night) and ventilation (fumes). When ask about his future, he said he wants to go into animation and feels like painting will help.


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