Wk 3 – Friend Activity – Matt Stahl



I actually met Matt stahl the first week but we didn’t really get into deep conversation until this week. Some of the things we discussed were shocking in a good way. Matt is undeclared but is favoriting criminal justice. He wanted to get into engineering but Math isn’t his thing.

In high school, Matt ran track. Unfortunately, he’s an Angels fan where I am a Dodgers fan. He’s a Broncos fan and luckily he was stuck at work when they choked in the super Bowl last year. We both have played a musical instrument, he played violin in middle school. I was amused with the collage, he drew on his sign in card the second week.

One thing he regrets is not taking AP classes to jump start college. But for the majority of time in the galleries, I found out he likes South Park and the rest is history. We spent majority of time talking about our favorite episodes and moments.


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