Wk 4 – Classamate Interview – Valerie Arredondo


Valerie Arredondo. She is a 1st year freshman from Poly high school from down the street. Her sport is swim and she did it all of high school. Valerie is currently in rugby, practice the other day hurt her nose. She’s a Cowboys because of her father.

Valerie was an art major last semester, but is currently a bio major. She plans on becoming a vet or medical illustrator. Her hobbies include: painting, rugby, artistsry. Poly hs, long beach native. Her mother came to LBSU so this was a choice. Valerie wanted to go to chapman, it was her first choice. She has many high school friends present at LB.

Her musical preferences are classic rock, soft rock, oldies, alternative, reggae. Undortuabtely, she is a June baby, likes summer and the beach. We all know winter is better.  As a little kid watching movies upside down on her grandma’s couch were her fondest memories. She is a Lowe’s employee and willing to give a discount on supplies. Valarrendond.com


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