Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Dianna Franco


The artist this week is Diana Franco. Dianna believes negative spaces are important, the inside is important which affects and adds value to outer layers. Her paintings represent negative space. Franco got the idea from viewing nature; she went out to the country side, while there, she felt that the psychological effect uplifts the mood. She believes architect has effect on society which is there job.

Thinks about micro and macro levels in society, technology, and structures surround her idea for her paintings. Abstract work but representational and wanted art work to look this way. Dianna took art seriously around 20 years old but didn’t expect to enter the field. Loved the colors and is happy for her paintings. Her major: fine art in painting. Her favorite are all, when exhibition was coming up she was still working on one and couldn’t leave it out.

When appreciating her art, I was walking from the other gallery and when I see her painting I stopped. Her art at first sight made me stop and took a step back to view them. The colors were vibrant and popped out. I loved the different paint choice and the different colors. I felt her work was a live and did have a psychological effect on me.


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