Wk 5 – Friend Activity – Kyle Dinsmore


The person I had the opportunity to meet was Kyle Dinsmore. He is a 2nd year and is an undergraduate for a business degree. Kyle took calc 1 (122) and said it was hectic, so he switched to a business math and found it to be easier. Upon visited the school and making decision, the rec center got his attention and thought that the campus is nice and alive.

Kyle enjoys hanging out with friends, going to nature sights. He has been playing basket ball since the age of 3; Kyle is a laker fan and went to clipper games because they were cheap. He is a fan of video games, we had much to talk about smash bros. One day in PE, he almost had the chance to experience wrestling, one on ones but before wrestling guy before broke his leg and didn’t get to try it.

Food as always was one of the conversing topics, he loves nachos. Around fourth of July, Kyle ate 8 or 9 bowls of nachos and 10 cherries. Kyle slept over and threw up all night. He also likes to eat Italian food. When asking about musical preference, it was almost automatic that he wasn’t a fan of country/classical, likes wide variety from pop, rock, and hip hop. Music selection depends on mood.

Kyle came from Fountain valley and went to Foutain Valley high school. Kyle’s dad is from New York. Kyle’s mom side of the family is Japanese. Dad side is English, Irish, German, and Scottish. Kyle wishes to travel to european countries, France, Tahiti, UK, and Canada.


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