Wk 7 – Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

For this week’s activity, we are to make one’s self visible in the moment of disappearance. The activity is centers around Izima Kaoru’s Landscapes with a Corpse, it is part fashion and part landscape then we just walk up from it. It is kind of weird doing this project because we have to make our departure as we want but no one wants to think of that time. Preparing for my departure was odd because no one wants to tangle with that part of life. 

Fortunately when told about this activity, I already had my image. This image represents two aspects of me. One of them being my nature side, I am fond of nature and enjoy its presence. Second, it being my life style. I am the type that likes to relax and chill whether it be with friends or simply at the comforts of my home. And that’s what my departure image is, it is from my home but as you can see we have Earth dwelling in our yard. The roses add the finishing touch to this. 


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