Wk 7 – Classmate activity – Anissa Torres

The classmate I met today was non other than Anissa Torres, who is a fresh man here at CSULB. At the moment, she is un declared. She is from North long beach and attended Wilson high which was in deep Long Beach. Some of her daily hobbies are hanging out with friends and playing soccer.

 Anissa has played soccer since she was 5 and she played while at her time at Wilson. She works at Baskin Robbin, her twin sister works there too. Both her and her twin come here for school, CSULB that is. Her sister is five minute older than her so we know whose superior. Identical but also have their differences, they share clothes and play soccer together. Anissa wants to start playing again but school and work tire her out during the day. She enjoys watching soccer on her free time. Any type of music, rock r&b and hip & hop. Listens to 80’s because of dad. 

She likes all types of food, likes seafood, Chinese food. But her choice at the moment was pho. Got the Art 110 class for GE requirements and expected to be painting. She has no interest in art. For the activity last week, she cut a shirt and wrapped it around a plant. Upon making her college choice, Anissa planned on coming here because it’s a good school and it was close by. If she could, she would travel to Spain to watch Barcelona play. Anissa would like to go to Europe and New York. Most memorable moment for her is when she would score, she was filled with emotions, happy, etc. And would like to start playing but says she needs to get back in shape. 


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