Wk 8- Remix Activity – Bodybuilding 

You may not know this but in this picture we have three of the best body builders of all time: Arnold Schwarzenegger (left),  Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman (top right). These three are known in the sport of bodybuilding due to their size and fitness. Arnold is said to be the father of body building with his prime taking place in the golden era round the 70’s. Where as, Cutler and Coleman are recent bodybuilder a from the 00’s. I decided to do my remix on bodybuilding because one of my main hobbies will have to be going to the gym. And this topic is one I always hear of or see. 

The reason I chose to remix body building is because I want to show people how the sport has changed over the years. You see, Arnold and body builders back in the golden era believed body building should be centered around broad shoulders and a slim waist. This is call the V taper theory which was held highly in the golden era. But as of now, body builders don’t hold that to value. We see this change by comparing Arnold to the likes of Jay or Ronnie. We see Jay and Ronnie don’t have that small, slim waist Arnold posses. The body builders of today are more blocked off and at times have a gut (bottom right). 

I believe Copyright is doing its job. I like the standard of terms being for the lifetime of the author plus seventy years after their death. But the loopholes are tricky, copy right just regains others from making the exact product. People can make similar products by just adjusting a few minor details. You 


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