Wk 9- Activity- Architecture 


Left: cognitive map. Right: my reconstruction of the campus. 

First thing about me is that I’m an engineering student. Engineering buildings are all located on the east side of campus. So you can already tell, my cognitive map is all about the east side. I park in the parking structures by the Recreational Center, also on the east side. My daily routine is get to school then go home but if I have a break in between I usually go grab something to eat or go to the library. So it’s fair to say that I’m familiar with the buildings on the east side and the classrooms on upper campus. 

The picture to the right is my reconstruction of the campus; my own campus map. The way I set everything up is set to save time for students from parking to class. I placed all the parking structures in the west side where the dorms and empty fields would be. As for the classrooms, I placed them on the east side where the fields and parking should be. I moved the sports facilities from lower campus to upper campus where the classrooms would be. I set this up like this because it’s a drag having to walk 10-20 min from your car to class. 

The building I’d choose to adopt would have to be the USU. The reason for picking the USU is because of the space it takes up; it’s great in volume. Not only does it stretch out wide but it consist of four floors. The bottom being the lounge, second floor for food, and the top two for offices. To me, this building is the complete package. Many of our students inhabit the usu, I meet a lot of new faces there. My second choice would’ve been either the theatre or the engineering building. 


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