Wk 9- Artist interview – Michael Rollins 


The artist of choice this week happens to be Michael Rollins. I was very fortunate to able to observe his show, New Digs. Michael is picky with colors, no black whatsoever and some grey. He tried incorporating a high key ethic syfy feel, feels like high key color are used for advertising and medical reasons so they were perfect to exhibition. Likes these colors because they dwell around us and a part of personal infrastructure. Michael tries to never close his eyes, tries to paint in most lengthy intervals. Feels like his art is a bit bottling, bottling paintings are representing real material and internal spaces, like micro or macro. Thinks of a bodily structure, he caves it. He wants the material to jump out, the jumping of the surface where paint differentiates from the canvas. Half of the time, he goes with flow when a mistake but is tricky when editing. 
Michael works on at least three paintings at a time, more than one. Name for the painting comes randomly and he just jots it down. Messy, crazy paintings are his forte. Some paintings have the caves but it’s more of his default way of making the painting, some paintings let the cave flow. He first was a drawing based painter and had a set concept but with experimenting, he changed. He drew fifty small paintings and that’s what helped him create his style and let him experiment and get a more depth to his art. Always had art in his life, went to art school. Illustration major then seen other painters experiment, felt encouraged to go into paintings. He’s from Arizona and worked through grad school which allowed him to focus on his work and not have to get a real job. About to get Mfb in Drawing & painting. Paintings have interaction, describes working with them as his conversation with them. 

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