Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Kyle Wadsworth 


The classmate I got to know a bit better this week was Kyle Wadsworth. He is a 2nd year, sophomore under computer science. He enjoys working with computers so he chose this major. No idea of how to embark the future, he enjoys what he does at the moment. Currently works with kids and teaches them robotics and loves to embrace on game system. Enjoys game design and doesn’t want to build a career through it. 

Kyle has created 2-3 games but have not been published because of copyright issues. Depending on his mood, his favorite game (his of course) is usually a monopoly type, go to ticket to ride. He doesn’t have much hobbies: just graphic engines. Music: composed few tunes for friends. Kyle plays trombone but composes apex stuff. Most interesting right now: music, game design, and robotics. He’s trying to develop an android app and is going well. Kyle’s favorite food: spaghetti. 

Two weeks in a row I’ve met guys who prefer working on his craft in school rather than worrying about being social. Kyle is a guy who is kind of opening my eyes, letting me know that I can find fun in the things I like to do. He said to me, “you have to enjoy what you do that when we become better at it”. I thank Kyle for these words and are something I will keep in mind. 


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