Wk 10 – Artist interview – Dawn Ertl


Short term, long term relationships is the name of the first piece of art and it’s literally about short term long term relationship. Second is One Nation under God and its a representative of the country, signifying that we send our plastics to China and burn it and somehow, some way it’s still around us. It took a year to make this project. Dawn Ertl says her show took a full year but from the start knew exactly what she wanted to display. Ertl is currently pursuing her Masters in fine arts and concentration in sculpture. Dawn was happy with the outcome of her project, her cheery attitude made it evident. When coming up with the blue print, she knew it would be inner woven and hung but still needed to take the room into consideration. Style within the project changed because a loom can make smaller pieces in itself. Preparation she took, she used ten Google sketch up models for Short term, long term relationships. She got into sculpting when she was a Undergrad at Otis COA&D and she worked with trash bags. There she learned and analyzed the difference between disposable items and items who really never get disposed. Dawn chose CSULB to further her learning because they reach out to all mediums and she liked that you can work with all while here. She came here and started with gel medium so a teacher suggested she start weaving it. 
For long term short term relationships, Dawn collected weather data from Mathematica. The pattern on the data is woven into the art and the connections through data go into the loom as a pattern. She wants people to think about their relationship with others and the environment. “If you treat one another right, we will treat the planet right” was a big saying during this process. Looking through each pattern changes your view on things and everyone has their own perception. 


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