Wk 10 – Classmate interview – Matt Mendes


With such luck, I had the opportunity to meet Matt Mendez. Matt caught my attention because he was wearing a Survivor Series shirt. As a WWE fan, I took it to my liking and went ahead and approach him. May is a third year junior, he is a history major. When deciding majors he always knew it would be history, he thought it was fascinating so he wanted to make a career out of it. 

Matt plans to teach at the college level for a career. His favorite time intervals in history would be US history, around the 1800’s around the civil war era. At the moment, Matt has three upper division history classes, they are history 302, the Great Depression, and California history. Matt shared that his Monday class is from 6-9 and the professor is monotone so he chug a lot of coffee to stay alert. Outside of school, Matt spends his time hanging out with his gf, he’ll go out, etc. Matt is like me and likes to stay home and watch movies, or read. His car of choice would be a Lexus, or hatchbacks. 

Eventually, Matt would like to own a Tesla. Matt prefers import over muscle, I’m a fan of both but prefer muscle. He says he got into JDM through Anime which his gf would introduce to him. 

He likes to listen to everything except country, will change the station when country comes on. Only has a younger brother, gets along really well with his brother. Matt’s favorite food is sushi but it’s unfortunate that his current gf allergic to sushi. He hasn’t had a good dish of sushi for three years. When deciding on which college he’d like to attend, Matt took a campus tour his junior year. He loved the green scenery and thought the pyramid was pretty cool. He also went to CSUF and didn’t like it. Everyday he makes 20 min drive from home to school, he lives in Santa Ana. 


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