Wk 10 – Redo – Landscape with a Corpse


Landscape with a corpse, I chose this activity to redo because the first time I didn’t fully grasp the concept. Now that I reread and viewed Kaoru’s images, I now had an idea of what my departure would be. I looked at the Baroque art pieces and they’re vivid and explicit. I found them to be interesting because I enjoyed the scenery of the time period. 

My first corpse portrait had flowers, it’s a good prop but I wanted something more behind it. In this scene, I have multiple elements. I incorporated greenery, a bit of fashion, and the landscape where it was captured. I wanted some nature to be in it because I’m a big fan of nature. Fashion, I just wanted to show the funny and unique clothing I wear. And the landscape, I am at Dominguez Hills. This is important because I hang out with my high school friends that go to school there but I go to CSULB. 

This activity was creepy because of the fact that you’re preparing your death bed. Knowing me, I don’t like the topic of death preference. I find it weird choosing a death bed because when it happens, it’ll just happen. So it was difficult thinking of a death bed. But, I read the activity description and thought about myself so it was easy from there. 


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