Wk 11- Activity- Sculpting 


     For this week’s class activity, we had to first-hand experience sculpting. The description to the activity was to go to the beach, where we would dig a hole and bury our hand to create a mold. After the mold, we poured the plaster in and sit out thirty minutes until it dries. You can see from the picture that a majority of my hand was formed but it wasn’t all there. I gave my sculpture the name “paw”, I never thought about the size of my hand until I seen it. 

     Going into Saturday morning, I thought a good amount of students would show up with Prof. Zucman. But to my surprise, Prof Zucman wasn’t there. Luckily I was able to find a friend of mine there who had already started his project, he helped me mix the plaster. After, I started waiting for my sculpture two other classmates arrived and we have them the break down on things. After the four of us started our sculpting, Prof. Zucman shows up with some Cinnamon ice tea. Professor Zucman then started talking to us about fine sculpting, the process it has, and the future that can be in line for sculpting. He went on the explain the process where the molds were already made, which is pretty much made before hand. The quality in the plaster is different and much finer due to the high quality of sand where as we used beach sand. Glenn says fine sculpting is intriguing and interesting to observe, enjoys the detailing that some have. 

     Next, we went on to talk about the future of sculpting and how it can change within years. 3D printing can possibly be the future of sculpting. Prof. Zucman spoke about a device he received that was made from a 3D printer and was surprised to see the inside of the mechanism to be intact. After, the four of us just went on to talk about the ocean and the many things that can happen. From scuba diving in the Channel Islands to life guarding, we all shared our stories about the vast and mysterious ocean. Overall, this was a great experience. Not only did I get hands on and created my first sculpture but I had the chance to go out to the beach and enjoy the view. 


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