Wk 11- Artist interview- Gabriel Garcia 


     Gabriel Garcia is the name and his art put society to shame. Having the title of “toxic masculinity”, he believes the current culture of masculinity has a negative vibe to it. Some of the art can stand on its and others need to be complimented to be understood. Some of the ideals behind his art are: being a service men doesn’t make you a hero, a man’s superior strength leads to cruelty, and never question a straight man’s sexuality. The inspiration for the show came from life. A lot of these are dealing with masculinity and sayings that are usually said around buddies. 
     Gabriel was a football fan growing up but never felt comfortable playing it, due to his masculinity. He took his personal experiences and made art out of it. On the football wall, Ray Rice is used to set an example for domestic violence. On the “man up” wall, we had the stereotypical guy representations. There was one dealing with hunting, where as we know is the ultimate action a guy can display his masculinity through. A pig was one of the drawings, which can represent the male race as pigs or can refer to police officers and there recent violent acts. On the “don’t be gay” wall, the art represent a marine who killed a transgender. The other art is for a South Carolina kid, who normally dressed like a girl but the dmv made him strip down and forced him into looking like a boy. He went home and told his mother, he wasn’t comfortable. 

     Social issues on gender roles seems to be the bulk of the show. Domestic violence being the central idea. And Gabriel does a great job representing stereotypes in the project. Materials used: charcoal and paper and on top of charcoal is granite. 

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