Wk 11 – Classmate interview- Kevin Nguyen 


      Kevin Nguyen happens to be the name of the person I met this week. Kevin stays out in Santa Ana, CA. He spent his four years of college prep at La Quinta High School. But, he attended La Quinta HS out in West Minister. Kevin is a 2nd year, sophomore. His pre major happens to be computer science, we’re both engineering students. Kevin goes against the ordinary and says its fairly easy. Fortunately, he has met other people and has ventured together so they became close friends. One of his hobbies is collecting model kits of dum dums, debating whether or not to start collecting watches due to price. Kevin is not a fan of sports, which is a bummer. 

      Kevin spends a majority of his day at school where he gets out at 4 or 5 then goes to pick up his little brother from daycare. Then, the next thing he does when he gets home is play games with friends. His friends aren’t fan of sports either so he has no one to experience them with. McDonalds is the company he’s under for labor work. But, Kevin is getting tired of it and wants to become a server at a restaurant. He wants the tips and feels it’s more easy going and calm. He’s worked at McDonalds for 10 months now. Kevin’s music preference: mostly electronic (edm), gets his music from a YouTube channel that shares other artists. Kevin didn’t seem to excited when asked if he would go to a music festival. He said its possible for a festival trip but not any time soon. 
He likes to listen to anything with a good tune. When it comes to food, he likes anything to eat but salad. Thinks it’s expensive, he doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of nutrients. Kevin thinks of leaves when eating a salad. For a career,  Kevin wants to work for a company, looking to help with their software. What happen if you had a million dollars in possession at the moment? First thing is to buy a car, but wouldn’t buy his dream car. He’s looking for the new Honda Accord coupe so that’s the first things he’ll use the money for. And gradually over time, he’ll spend the rest of the money and possibly start that watch collection. 

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