Wk 13 – Classmate interview – Michelle Howard 


Michelle Howard. 

Michelle Howard is the name and she is the classmate I was lucky to meet and greet. Michelle Howard is currently a freshman and is under the pre major of Liberal Arts. Howard has a younger brother and 2 older sister, seems scary with two older sisters. The city she inhabits happens to be Cerritos, CA. Cerritos HS is where she did her time and is now an alumni. 

Luckily for Michelle, she has no job and is enjoying life. Michelle came in undeclared and planned to be a pharmacist but the science courses were difficult. So she went to some work shops and asked for advice, she found something she was good at so she switched majors. Some of her favorite hobbies are making YouTube videos, started with make up videos and now does blogs for her everyday life. This past summer Michelle got into make up. 
She also has an extra member to her family, she has a French bulldog mix with chihuahua. Favorite food dish: chipotle bowl not the burrito that’s reaching. When asked about her dream vacations, she mentioned that every summer she goes camping. She likes to go and reconnect with herself and nature. Uses the trip to get away from technology and not feel suffocated by it. 

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