Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Elia Murray 


Elia Murray

Major: not sure if on track to receive BFA or MFA in Illustration. Animation and illustration are like best friends but are very different. Elia is currently working on a storyboard that she wishes to make a movie out of. She thinks the worst thing for an artist is to not have anything to do. Her dad was an illustrator, mom another artist now musician. Elia came into college thinking of an English major but got told to change to an Art major. She was a semi artist in high school and she took it semi serious. Her pets are a dog and cat. Her pug sculpture took 20 hrs to work on. 
The cool thing with Elia is that she grew up in a creatively charged environment. Her father taught her how to draw at a young age. And her mother encouraged and pushed her into any creative avenue there were. This support can amount to her progression as an artist to this day. Some things she enjoys doing are: writing, drawing, painting, and sculpting. Elia enjoys sculpting lively things, she had a few dog sculptures and they were awesome. Her goal for the future is to have one of her characters appear on the big screen. 

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