Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Tatiana Costa 


Classmate: Tatiana Costa 
Luckily, this week I met Tatiana Costa because I interviewed towards the end of class. Her major is kinesiology, with a focus on exercise science. She is a 2nd year sophomore. Her birthday lands on September 16. Tatiana made CSULB her home because it was nearby home and it’s a good college. Artesia, CA is where she calls home. She went to Gahr High School and knows a few of my friends from there. 
Tatiana didn’t participate in any sports while in high school. Soccer is life for her, she is a huge fan. She likes playing other sports but does not like watching them. Her favorite sports team are the LA Galaxy soccer team. With her favorite players being David Luiz, Omar Gonzalez. Something cool about her is that she’s half Brazilian, half Portuguese. Sadly, she hasn’t visited either but speaks Portuguese fluently. 
Being a girl, her favorite color is hot pink. Tatiana enjoys eating chicken enchiladas, they are her favorite food dish. She’s visited Connecticut, fell in love with the scenery. She explained her experience and says driving down highways and trees were growing from them. Not a surprise, her dream vacation: would be Brazil. 

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